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Pinkeerach Talks Tech Posts

Testing a Location-Aware App

In order to support this post, I have published a demonstration project on Github. Feel free to clone it and follow along in this post. I recently posted about how to implement location tracking via iOS Location Services, and felt a follow-up would be useful. It’s one thing to make…

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How to Use Location Services in iOS

If you do any mobile development, chances are pretty good that you’ll want to utilize location tracking. While Apple has a good bit of documentation on the topic, one thing is missing: pragmatic usage of location services. For instance, there’s no clear direction on when you should update the location…

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iOS 4.x Background Color Quirk

Today’s iOS quirk is again related UITableViews. This time, it’s the background color. The Problem I’m basically creating a form in a UITableView, and there are several button-type elements like segmented controls (actually they’re fake segmented controls due to customization needs) and a big search button. As a result, I…

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