sharepoints of confusion

there are a few terms in the sharepoint world that cause confusion, at least for the beginner sharepoint developer. below is my attempt at summarizing some of the points of confusion (and some clarification) that i came across.

first of all, the site vs. web vs. web application terminology was a bit misleading. plain and simple, here’s my understanding:

  • web application = the sharepoint installation (virtual directory, usually)
  • site = the top level site of the site collection you’re working on (for small groups, http://localhost:8080)
  • web = the actual site you’re working with (could have site collections underneath it or could be a child at the bottom of the list)

the other terminology i had trouble with was the field vs. column vs. property. we all know that databases call columns fields, so it wasn’t a stretch to make the distinction. however, the confusing part was the content types take references to fields…not definitions. andrew may has a blog post explaining the differences amongst the terms, but also includes a good explanation of how it works and why (with a pretty picture).

if i run into any others, i will update this post.

sharepoints of confusion

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