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rachel in front of trevi fountain at night

I have been programming professionally since 2003, but have been interested in computers and software since the mid-90s. I started building computers in middle school and found my love of creating user interfaces when I started writing websites. Navigating the software development landscape throughout the last 15 years has taken me from straight up HTML and CSS, into ASP.Net, back into Java, through several JavaScript frameworks, and finally landing me in the native mobile development (iOS is my specialty).

Currently, I’m an AppDev Practice Manager and iOS developer at Cardinal Solutions, an IT consulting firm based in Ohio. I work for a variety of clients in/around Charlotte, NC on a variety of applications including mobile apps, BI dashboards, web applications, services, APIs, and everything in between. I have extensive experience with object-oriented technologies of all types, but have really focused my efforts in the front end aspect of application development. Ultimately, I pride myself on learning. This industry waits for no man (or woman!), so you have to be ready to learn to keep up with the pace of new technology.

You can checkout more details of my experience on my LinkedIn profile.

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